Anton Bravin


Unity-developer and father of a son. Mostly working on mobile F2P games. I have been working on a variety of tasks, but recently I have been specializing in shaders, optimization, Custom Editors/Developer Tools and CI/CD. In my free time I participate in gamejams and have developed my own game. I also speak at conferences. I’m talking about VR and retro games development.


Unity-developer @ Mobirate

2018 - Present

Project development from scratch. Before the soft launch, I mainly worked on architecture and development tools. After that I was engaged in optimization and shaders.

Head of @ ITECH.vr

2017 - 2018

Outsourced VR projects mainly of medical topics. Also made their own game Joy Lab. Almost any kind of activity from negotiations with customers to optimization of drawcalls. Supervised a development team of up to 4 people.

Unity-developer @

2014 - 2017

Working on Ghost Town Adventures game. Mostly worked on UI and CI pipeline.

Some devops and web development

2006 - 2014

From shell-scripts to amazon stuff.